Tokyo 2086

"The rain was coming down in sheets again, drowning the hustle of the city in monotonous pattering, like radio static. Only the tune in Cara's head was louder. Each night, hard kick drums calmed her just as much as soothing rain. But then again, they were strange nights."

Fire Into A Flame (Album)

OUT Sep. 22nd 2023

1. Radio Static (with Patrick Russel)
2. Netrunner (with Syst3m Glitch)
3. Fire Into A Flame (with Syst3m Glitch)
4. Ashes And Dust (with Kalax)
5. Killing Game (with GeoVoc)
6. Night Rain (with Anniee)
7. Firelady (with Chrissy Michel)
8. Signs (with New Arcades)
9. I Wonder Why (with Mayah Camara)
10. Amber Sunrise
11. The Games We Play
12. We Could Be Anything (with Patrick Russel)

Vinyl City (Album)

1. Tokyo 2086 (Intro)
2. Cara Keeps Running (with Syst3m Glitch)
3. Arcade (with Clint Alford)
4. City Lights (with Mayah Camara)
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Downtown (with Syst3m Glitch)
7. Strange Nights
8. Into The Midnight Sunset
9. Hold On (with Clint Alford)
10. Another Outro (Losing Myself)

Debut album "Vinyl City" out June 15th on Aztec Records. Vinyl, CD & Tape Cassette.