MORPHOICΞ, Synthwave music project

/mɔrfɔɪs/ n. derived from the Ancient Greek: μορφή
meaning 'form, shape'.

"In January 2018 exceptional artist Colorsponge created what would later become my biggest inspiration: A captivating melange of neon aesthetic and my favorite car, the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. Instantly music sparked."

MORPHOICE is an electronic music producer, freelance composer, photographer, and fiction author based in Germany. Influenced by artists like Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Freur, Propaganda, and movies like Blade Runner & Back To The Future, MORPHOICE dives deeply into 80s retro nostalgia and cyberesque visions of the future alike, shrouded in pink and purple neon light.

Descending from a family of musicians, MORPHOICE has been classically trained at an early age and grew up with keys and synthesizers from the very start, musically defined by sound of the 80s. It was not until his mid-twenties, though, that his interest in electronic music would grow to a professional scale, producing corporate audio, jingles and music for cinema advertisement, but following a different path soon after.

Albeit once highly popular, the typical sound of that period was quickly frowned upon amongst producers constantly pushing towards a new modern unheard sonic experience. To reposition at the turn of the millennium, MORPHOICE disposed of most of his synthesizers & gear and reverted to writing and professional photography, only to discover the rise of the new retro synth movement and a steep increase in gear value over a decade later. In 2020 he would restore the few remaining devices to witness their second dawn and pick up where he once had left off, composing original music under the name of MORPHOICE.

The sonic dreams of MORPHOICE carry the listener into a world between the memories of yesteryear and retrofuturistic fantasies, featuring a meticulously shaped palette of sounds and samples recorded from vintage analog gear and modern sound sources alike.